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About AVI SRL Craiova

AVI SRL Craiova is your specialist and partner for designing, developing and manufacturing the pieces from the reinforced resins with glass fibber. AVI company got born from the enthusiasm for the near unlimited variety and potential of composites materials.

ISO ISO 9001:2008 and 14001: 2004 accreditation of the company given by the Certificate DQS organization is another strong safety element for quality. These accreditations guarantee a severe standardisation of quality starting from the conception of the project, and continues with the entire fabrication process and ending with the conform delivery of the product to the costumer.

Having over 15 years experience in composite materials area, AVI built a strong reputation on the reactive solicitation of the costumer, offering advanced and economical design technical solutions, materialization of costumerís ideas and high quality serial production to comply with delivery terms.
The whole energy is concentrated to an unending improvement of the quality of the products and the fabrication process, which had as consequence the diversification of products and enlargement of production capacity, reaching in present to two halls of 4.800 m2 on a 20.000 m2 surface.

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Because their wish is to hold onto strict standards of quality and environment, using high technology installations, the production of SKYMIRROR Pools is mainly based on raw materials provided by the European Community from well-known producers such as Cray Valley, Ashland, Bufa, Nidaplast.

SkyMirror Polls are manufactured in a unitary one-piece structure from resins reinforced with fiberglass, under quality control, using the last hour modern technology. Each model from Marina, Golf, Laguna and Delta lines are produced after a unique manufacturing system Ė honey-comb sandwich structure, which provides not only a strong stabile structure and thermo-isolation efficiency, but also avoids the osmosis phenomenon.

What AVIPISCINE LTD has to offer?

SkyMirror Polls and its lines Marina, Golf, Laguna and Delta offer you a large variety of sizes and colors to satisfy our customerís wishes. Having a depth, which can also vary or is constant, MARINA pools, keeps the beauty of classic lines. The pools from LAGUNA line have a constant depth and their shape takes your thoughts to the shore of the sea.

What AVI LTD has to offer?

Next to the pool production and not less important is the production of a large variety of industrial products from different areas such as: tram, train, metro, auto and nautical industry, but also general usage areas as sanitary objects, postal boxes, art work, etc.

Using last hour technology, but also through its exceptional high quality manufactured products, AVI SRL assessed on the profile market having as its important customers well-known companies such as Bombardier, Alstom.

The Collaboration with AVIPISCINE LTD

In the 2007 season AVIPISCINE sold its SKYMIRROR Pools in Europe, through the agency of some importers. The importer can be a powerful financial company with experience in sealing polyester boat hulls. This company will promise to sell a number of pools in concordance with the local area where it has its activity. AVIPISCINE provides a number of pools to the importer location, stock which gets supply periodically.

We have 5 trailer trucks specially designed for pool transportation. For the future we wish to implement maritime and fluvial transportation as faster means of transportation for importers.

This way our importers will have the chance to detain a larger number of pools and therefore develop their business.

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