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Polyester vs. Gunite (Gunite (conrete)) vs. Liner Pools

WARRANTY 15 years warranty given by manufacturer 1-5 years by constructor Liner Seams Only
INSTALLATION TIME 2 -3 days with our own installing team 8 - 12 weeks using many different subcontractors 2 - 3 weeks using few subcontractors
ESTIMATED CHEMICAL USAGE The gelcoat of the pool is resistant to chemicals and does not alter the chemical balance of water. Substantially fewer chemicals are used. Plaster reacts with water to raise pH levels. Gunite pools use substantially more acid & chlorine to counterbalance this chemical reaction. The same as in gunite.
ENTRY & EXIT Slip resistant stairs and floor surfaces. Stairs with ladder in deep end Ladder inside & out.
ESTIMATED ELECTRICITY USE Pump circulation time Circulation Time 4 -6 hours daily Circulation Time 8 -10 hours daily Circulation Time 5 -7 hours daily
SURFACE TEXTURE Smooth, non-abrasive to skin or swim suits. Walking/seating area is textured for slip resistance. Rough, causes skin abrasions to feet, hands and swim wear. Slippery, easily punctured or torn by toys, pets, or floating objects.
ALGAE PENETRATION Algae sweeps off with wall brush. Algae grows and is harbored in pores of gunite. Acid baths and scrubbing required removing algae. Seams of liner harbor algae.
ESTIMATED MAINTENANCE TIME 15 minutes/ week 4 - 5 hours/week 2 - 3 hours/week
MAJOR RENOVATION None Re-marcite or re-plaster at 5 - 7 years Vinyl Liner replace at 3 - 7 years.
STAIRS & SEATING Built into pool shell. Optionally we can install stainless steal ladder on any side of the pool. Optional & additional cost Optional & additional cost
QUALITY CONTROL Manufactured in environmentally controlled factory under stringent quality control standards. Manufactured on-site. No environmental control. Kit manufactured in factory. Quality of assembly varies by installer.
JUNCTION The junction does not exist because the pool is monoblock. The junction is from gunite and it deteriorates fast because of the temperatures that change from season to season. The junction are a bit resistant than gunite but still are fragile.
COST Low costs in comparison with the high quality High costs in comparison with the level of quality Medium costs in comparison with the level of quality

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