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RTM - RTM LIGHT and Equipments

Injection in vacuum

Named also the injection in vacuum, at high or low pressure, RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) is a technology which through its utilization brought an extraordinary improvement of quality and production rhythm in comparison with manual lamination and simultaneous projection procedures. This way a complete component it gets done 6 to 8 times faster then using classical methods, getting an increased productivity, motivated by the necessity of building medium or bigger components centers.

The injection in mould vacuumed closed

 The glass fiber is placed in the mould, taken its form and therefore of the piece to be manufactured. A second mould (father) is caught over the first mould (mother), and the resin is injected in the formed cavity. It can be applied a vacuum pump to force the total impregnation of the glass fiber fabric. Once the fabric gets impregnated, the injection orifices are closed and the press is left to polymerize. Both the injection and polymerization can be made at normal or higher temperature, in the oven. In general can be used polyester, epoxidic, vinylester and Phenolic resins.

The main advantages are the manufacture of components with a high content of fibber, having improved mechanical properties and less empty spaces; a good control over environment for operators safety and health; lower production costs for big components with simple shapes. The main inconvenient is the high price for the equipment, high risk of the appearance of marks to the gel-coated components, not impregnate areas which have the result the rejection of the component, everything depending on the workers training.

Typical application are complex components for airline and automobile industry, trains seats etc.



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